Marina Station

A Band for all Occasions

MARINA STATION is an incredible Yacht Rock Band based out of Alexandria Virginia.

Imagine the sun setting at the marina with the waves lapping up against the shore and the sides of boats, seagulls calling out, the sound of yacht rigging in the wind, with your favorite songs bringing back incredible memories of the past. Come join us, join in, and be part of the experience! We can’t wait to see you and have a great time!

Our diverse backgrounds have created a broad based love of all types of music. We love to play everything from Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Disco, Beach, Funk, Punk, Alternative, and Modern POP. This love of all types of music has lead us to a common ground of Yacht Rock where we play the greatest songs of the 70’s and 80’s, that you know and love, with killer grooves and lyrics you know by heart.

We have established a solid reputation as a fun dance band with great vocals and solid beats. We love to play music and love it when the crowd dances and sings along. We are here to party side-by-side, song-by-song, and word-by-word with you!